Nexus Engagement and Community Outreach

The EngageAI Institute is committed to promoting equity at all levels and informing educators, industry partners, and policy makers. To ensure AI is safe, equitable, ethical, and effective, we are increasingly participating in events that ensure policy makers are informed and involved in our work.

Involving the US Department of Education and Non Profit Funders

  • In November of 2023, Jeremy Roschelle spoke on a panel for the American Enterprise Institute’s event, “Charting the Course for Generative AI in Education,” which was attended by over 2,000 viewers from influential institutions that included the Walton Family Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and several other universities, non-profits and state departments of education.

A Diverse Representation of AI Leadership

  • Pati Ruiz participated as a 2023 EdSafe AI Women in AI Fellow — a five month fellowship to connect underrepresented AI in education thought leaders to enrich the knowledge and thought leadership of the Alliance and global discussions about AI in education. Pati engaged with other fellows to share her experience, provided valuable feedback to the alliance, and made recommendations for future activities.
  • Jonathan Rowe and Krista Glazewski presented to the North Carolina Governor’s Teacher Advisory Committee in January 2024. This event convened education researchers, experts, and school leaders to discuss the current state of AI and AI recommendations for schools. Learn more in WRAL’s news article.

Maintaining the Student/Teacher Connection

  • Judi Fusco presented at the Acer Education Council Meeting for School District Leaders in October 2023.
  • With support from Engage AI Nexus team member Josh Weisgrau, Digital Promise’s HP Teaching Fellows led a LinkedIn Live webinar, “Using Generative AI for Student and Teacher Content Creation,” which had over 400 live attendees.

We will continue to build bridges across the EngageAI Institute’s activities to enable broader impacts to be achieved. Our work is expected to continue as we engage with the support of external organizations including the U.S. Department of Education, Acer Education Council, the College Board, and more.

If you would like to engage with the EngageAI Nexus, please reach out through our Contact page.

Header image photo credit: The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation