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GenAI completes tasks efficiently, but learning is about process

By Judi Fusco and Jeremy Roschelle Throughout this article, Judi Fusco and Jeremy Roschelle discuss what the educational research community observed in 2023 regarding how students and educators were impacted by this generative artificial intelligence technologies. Read on to see their conversation. Judi Fusco: Over the past year, a lot of people wanted to talk … Read more
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Scholar Series: Involving Students in Collaborative Research Environments

By Sarah K. Burriss and Halim Acosta The EngageAI Institute grad student series features conversations and interviews with graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are currently doing research within the Institute. Check out more blogs in the series here! What progress have you made with your current research project(s) with the Institute? Halim Acosta (HA): … Read more
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Redesigning an AI Bill of Rights For & With Young People

By Sarah K. Burriss and EngageAI Staff Key Ideas In late 2022, the White House released the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. This document is an important first step in responding to the increasing presence and impact of AI systems in our daily lives, and we wanted to share and discuss it with … Read more