Enabling New Forms of Student Learning through Artificial Intelligence

The World Bank EduTech team is partnering with Digital Promise and EngageAI.org to host a series of episodes about AI in Education. This week, we’re exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling new forms of student learning.

World Bank Senior Education and Technology Specialist Cristobal Cobo and Digital Promise Executive Director Jeremy Roschelle speak with Professor James Lester, Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center for Educational Informatics at North Carolina State University, and Ana Paiva, Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IST (“Instituto Superior Técnico”) from the University of Lisbon and coordinator of GAIPS – “Intelligent and Social Agents Group” at INESC-ID, now named “Research Group on AI for People and the Society”.

In this episode, we explore the relationship between AI and education. Our guests share current applications of these technologies in education and where there is room for adaptation. With some of the major challenges and issues related to AI and education in mind, we discuss how education systems can be prepared to effectively integrate AI to support education and what countries should be doing to be ready.