Large Language Models and Education: Opportunities and Challenges

By Jeremy Roschelle Jeremy Roschelle chats with Satabdi Basu and Nikhil Kandpal about what people need to know about large language models and the opportunities or challenges that they present for education. Key Ideas: Introductions Satabdi Basu: I’m a computer scientist by training, and I work as a computer science education researcher at SRI International. I think about the challenges … Read more

Learner agency in AI-driven, narrative-centered learning environments: An interview with James Lester and Jonathan Rowe

Dr. Deblina Pakhira, Research Manager at Digital Promise, talks with Dr. James Lester, Principal Investigator and Director of the EngageAI Institute and a faculty member in Computer Science and Director of the Center for Educational Informatics at North Carolina State University, and Dr. Jonathan Rowe, Managing Director of the EngageAI Institute, and also a senior research scientist in the Center for Educational Informatics at North Carolina State University.

Implementing AI in Classrooms Nationwide

In this post, Dr. Quinn Burke, Director of Computational Thinking Research at Digital Promise, talks with Dr. David Touretzky, Professor in the Computer Science department and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout their conversation, they discuss what education systems are currently in place within K-12 schools and the importance of teaching students about the disruptive technologies that are already present in their daily lives.

Prioritizing Interdisciplinary Work and Collaboration for New Technologies

Judi Fusco, Director of Emerging Technologies and Learning Sciences at Digital Promise, chats with David Crandall, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence at Indiana University Bloomington, to get to know each other as they work across the boundaries of disciplines in The National Science Foundation AI Institute for Engaged Learning.

Toward Inclusive, Generative, and Transparent AI for Learning

Josh Weisgrau, Digital Promise’s Chief Learning Officer for Experience Design, chats with Krista Glazewski, Department Chair and Professor of Instructional Systems Technology at University of Indiana, and Corey Brady, Assistant Professor of the Learning Sciences at Vanderbilt University, on connections between the potential for applications of AI in K-12 education that might be deliberately designed to support learner variability and equitable outcomes for learners.

Student Learning with AI Systems and Teacher Support

Deblina Pakhira, research manager of Digital Promise’s Learning Sciences Research, chats with Anne Leftwich and Min Chi about their visions for how artificial intelligence (AI) will be studied and implemented, as well as how AI can support educators, including their work at the Engage AI Institute.