Forum Engages Educators and Researchers to Develop Policy for AI

An image of the EngageAI forum with a group of people sitting at roundtables in an event space

By Jeremy Roschelle Key Ideas: On August 9, 2023, the National Science Foundation funded EngageAI Institute invited a national group of 80 educational practitioners, researchers, developers and funders to a day-long forum held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. As the day began, educators voiced excitement, uncertainty, and risk about Artificial Intelligence … Read more

Want to design better AI tools for education? Listen to the students!

Two students engaging with project based learning inside a classroom

By Megan Humburg1, Ph.D., and Dalila Dragnić-Cindrić2, Ph.D. 1Indiana University; 2 Digital Promise Key ideas: Our teams at the EngageAI Institute are working to build a narrative-centered, AI-driven educational game where students can investigate scientific problems by exploring a game world, chatting with different characters, and gathering evidence to solve a mysterious illness outbreak.  As … Read more

Large Language Models and Education: Opportunities and Challenges

By Jeremy Roschelle Jeremy Roschelle chats with Satabdi Basu and Nikhil Kandpal about what people need to know about large language models and the opportunities or challenges that they present for education. Key Ideas: Introductions Satabdi Basu: I’m a computer scientist by training, and I work as a computer science education researcher at SRI International. I think about the challenges … Read more

Learner agency in AI-driven, narrative-centered learning environments: An interview with James Lester and Jonathan Rowe

Dr. Deblina Pakhira, Research Manager at Digital Promise, talks with Dr. James Lester, Principal Investigator and Director of the EngageAI Institute and a faculty member in Computer Science and Director of the Center for Educational Informatics at North Carolina State University, and Dr. Jonathan Rowe, Managing Director of the EngageAI Institute, and also a senior research scientist in the Center for Educational Informatics at North Carolina State University.