How We’re Supporting Educators as They Develop AI Literacy

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By Pati Ruiz Key Ideas “There seems to be collective buy-in that AI has great potential for disrupting the outdated narrative of education. However, over and over it has been highlighted that teachers need to have professional learning on AI. We need support across the educational landscape to grow teacher capacity around AI.” –  EngageAI … Read more

Forum Engages Educators and Researchers to Develop Policy for AI

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By Jeremy Roschelle Key Ideas: On August 9, 2023, the National Science Foundation funded EngageAI Institute invited a national group of 80 educational practitioners, researchers, developers and funders to a day-long forum held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. As the day began, educators voiced excitement, uncertainty, and risk about Artificial Intelligence … Read more

Want to design better AI tools for education? Listen to the students!

Two students engaging with project based learning inside a classroom

By Megan Humburg1, Ph.D., and Dalila Dragnić-Cindrić2, Ph.D. 1Indiana University; 2 Digital Promise Key ideas: Our teams at the EngageAI Institute are working to build a narrative-centered, AI-driven educational game where students can investigate scientific problems by exploring a game world, chatting with different characters, and gathering evidence to solve a mysterious illness outbreak.  As … Read more

The Inaugural EngageAI Institute Forum: A Reflective Discussion Among Researchers, Educators, and Practitioners

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What emerged as unique about this event was the degree to which participants were willing to reflect on their own work and their own needs for change. In their stories, we saw hope for an approach to AI in education that would be rooted in partnerships and greater accountability to a shared educational vision.

Implementing AI in Classrooms Nationwide

In this post, Dr. Quinn Burke, Director of Computational Thinking Research at Digital Promise, talks with Dr. David Touretzky, Professor in the Computer Science department and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout their conversation, they discuss what education systems are currently in place within K-12 schools and the importance of teaching students about the disruptive technologies that are already present in their daily lives.

Toward Inclusive, Generative, and Transparent AI for Learning

Josh Weisgrau, Digital Promise’s Chief Learning Officer for Experience Design, chats with Krista Glazewski, Department Chair and Professor of Instructional Systems Technology at University of Indiana, and Corey Brady, Assistant Professor of the Learning Sciences at Vanderbilt University, on connections between the potential for applications of AI in K-12 education that might be deliberately designed to support learner variability and equitable outcomes for learners.