Engaging Community Voices: Partnering with Girls Inc. to Make Better AI Games

A group of elementary school girls listens to their teacher during class.

By Megan Humburg, Jessica McClain, Wendy Walter Key Ideas Artificial intelligence (AI) in education is advancing at a rapid pace, and as these technologies improve, teachers and students are exploring what potential AI might have for classroom learning. At the EngageAI Institute, we want students in our communities to have opportunities to play an active … Read more

Redesigning an AI Bill of Rights For & With Young People

An image of four students sitting around a desk while their teacher peers over their shoulder to support them with their work

By Sarah K. Burriss and EngageAI Staff Key Ideas In late 2022, the White House released the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights. This document is an important first step in responding to the increasing presence and impact of AI systems in our daily lives, and we wanted to share and discuss it with … Read more

How We’re Supporting Educators as They Develop AI Literacy

An image of the EngageAI practitioner advisory board standing in a line smiling at the camera

By Pati Ruiz Key Ideas “There seems to be collective buy-in that AI has great potential for disrupting the outdated narrative of education. However, over and over it has been highlighted that teachers need to have professional learning on AI. We need support across the educational landscape to grow teacher capacity around AI.” –  EngageAI … Read more

Scholar Series: Developing Engaging Pedagogical Support through AI Research

An image of three educators of color who are sitting inside a classroom at desks. They each have a laptop in front of them.

By Megan Humburg and Fahmid Morshed Fahid The EngageAI Institute scholar blog series features conversations and interviews with graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are currently doing research within the Institute. Check out more blogs in the series here! What progress have you made with your current research project(s) with the Institute? Megan Humburg (MH): … Read more

Forum Engages Educators and Researchers to Develop Policy for AI

An image of the EngageAI forum with a group of people sitting at roundtables in an event space

By Jeremy Roschelle Key Ideas: On August 9, 2023, the National Science Foundation funded EngageAI Institute invited a national group of 80 educational practitioners, researchers, developers and funders to a day-long forum held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. As the day began, educators voiced excitement, uncertainty, and risk about Artificial Intelligence … Read more

The Inaugural EngageAI Institute Forum: A Reflective Discussion Among Researchers, Educators, and Practitioners

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What emerged as unique about this event was the degree to which participants were willing to reflect on their own work and their own needs for change. In their stories, we saw hope for an approach to AI in education that would be rooted in partnerships and greater accountability to a shared educational vision.

Prioritizing Interdisciplinary Work and Collaboration for New Technologies

Judi Fusco, Director of Emerging Technologies and Learning Sciences at Digital Promise, chats with David Crandall, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Luddy Center for Artificial Intelligence at Indiana University Bloomington, to get to know each other as they work across the boundaries of disciplines in The National Science Foundation AI Institute for Engaged Learning.